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Benefits of Pumped Cavity Insulation

Is pumped cavity insulation right for you?

Building Blocks

What is cavity wall, pumped bead insulation?

Most block-built houses will have a gap between the inner and outer walls- this is the cavity wall. Cavity wall insulation fills this air gap, reducing the amount of heat travelling through the wall. It help regulate the heat in your house, keeping heat in in the winter and out in the summer. 

Whilst there are alternative choices to how to fill this cavity, pumped bead insulation is consistently the most popular choice due to its efficient installation and effective results. With pumped bead insulation, thousands of little polystyrene beads are pumped into the gap with a bonding mixture. This ensures a complete fill of the cavity, removing the risk of cold spots. 

Our beads

We only use high quality beads for our work which is why we use Kore Fill. 

"KORE Fill is expanded polystyrene injected in bead form into a cavity to form an insulating mass. The bead solidifies in the cavity as it’s injected with a special bonding agent. This insulating mass significantly reduces thermal transmittance across the cavity. Filling the cavity completely with KORE Fill will not diminish the original function of the cavity. The cavity will still be able to breath; the bead will not absorb water and will not allow the transfer of water across the cavity to the inner leaf. The product when installed facilitates the control of surface and interstitial condensation in walls."

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